Can aluminum toxicity be cured by mineral water?


Just watched an interesting lecture by Dr. Christopher Exley, a professor at Keele University in England. He presented his research at the Vaccine Safety Conference in 2011. You can view it here:

He explains how aluminum can be toxic to the body, and though the technical details he discusses are far beyond the scope of the non-scientist, he is an articulate speaker.  It’s well worth spending the time to see how his research points to the problems of aluminum as adjuvant, and the role of silica as a chelation ingredient.

He proposes that drinking mineral water that is high in silica, such as the Volvic brand, toxic aluminum can be leeched out of a body. It’s worth a shot – I found that my local Mollie Stone’s market carries Volvic, so it’s easy enough to get.  I started today – I’ll let you know my experiences.


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