Hematologist, take two.

99 Bottles of blood full of iron, 99 bottles of iron. Take one out, dump it out, 98 bottles of blood.

Phlebotomy #2, hematologist #2. SSDD, and my friend Nancie would say. I was told to come 15 minutes before the appointment to fill out paperwork. Dr. Baron finally called me (and my husband) into his office and hour and 15 minutes after we arrived, just as i was getting ready to leave. I think he would have been relieved if I had done that. The receptionist told me he was reviewing my chart. Why did he not review this beforehand? How did he get through med school doing his homework at the last minute.

Once again, a doctor assumes that patients aren’t smart enough to speak their language. He was unwilling to look at any information I had to share, and assumed that whatever I had to offer was inferior information. “I have my own articles, thank you.”  What a jerk.I found out that during that hour that I was cooling my heels in the waiting room, he was emailing other doctors to get advice on how to take care of me.  Reassuring? Not.

Fortunately, the staff that did the phleb were nice and professional, and I’m glad that he doesn’t want to see me for 4 months. Right now I’m hoping that my levels will have stabilized by then, and I won’t have to give this arrogant jerk any more of my money or my time.  Bitter? Oh yea. I hate it when doctors think I’m stupid.


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