Hypocondriac or Medical fascination?


Just a month ago, neurologist Dr.  Katz, went through my medical records to determine if the cause of my neuropathy was from the seven vaccines I was given in an eight month timespan. After paying him thousands of dollars for him to do this, he said my problems were “psychological in nature, and doctors were doing me a disservice by continuing to see me.” In other words a hypochondriac.  BTW – I’ve never met or spoken to this doctor, this was based on him looking at my endless amounts of medical records that are part of exhibits in my vaccine case.

That same week, Dr. Black gave me the results of lab work that he had ordered, confirming a diagnosis Iron Overload  -also known as hemochromatosis. The genetic test that he ordered was positive.  Within 20 minutes of me emailing these results to hepatologist, Dr. Todd Frederick, he responds with questions and a request to run more tests and research on liver tissue from a previous biopsy to determine my iron levels.

So who’s right? The doctor that called me a hypochrondriac and charged me a lot of money for that diagnosis? Or the one who has accepted the diagnosis and wants more answers.

I realize the Dr. Frederick is really more interested in how my liver works (or doesn’t) in the face of the problems that I’m having – he’s a researcher and a leader in developing new treatments. I just happen to be the body attached to that liver. Yet he’s one of the few doctors that understand that the little bit of tissue came from a liver that belongs to a human being. He’s respected me all along as a partner in this journey, and has always answered my questions with respect, and not been intimidated by the fact that a layperson can learn and speak their secret medical language. 


One response to “Hypocondriac or Medical fascination?

  1. Good luck. I felt the same way with my doctors last year. They also “mumbled” something about psychosematic and that was the last time I went there. They ran all sorts of tests and nothing showed up. They obviously didn’t know what to look for. After visiting a new doctor and checking my iron every 6 weeks, 3 times.. he saw that my iron is always very high even after having it drawn repeatedely.. I have an appt with a hematologist soon and hope to have a more thorough check up and answers. We’re not crazy! we know when something is wrong with our bodies, we just need to find doctors who believe the patient and don’t give up when the test they ran doesn’t show something clear as day. It’s so frustrating, good luck with the new doctor!

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