Water, water

I’ve been drinking Volvic water all week. It tastes just like….bottled water. I figure since I drink bottled water anyway (I know, I know it’s not good for Mother Earth to use bottled water), it might as well be the Volvic, since there’s a suggestion that the high silica content leaches out aluminum. Might as well be that brand.

BTW – the reason that I don’t use a metal reusable water bottle, is that the nature of my job requires me to travel all day long. Whether it’s walking all over the airport, loading motorcoaches in a parking lot, or taking guests to a restaurant, a metal water bottle would be left behind somewhere on day 1. Sorry.

Also, this week, I’ve been experimenting with the NSAID I’ve been taking (Meloxicam). I noticed that my ferritin and iron levels were tested two weeks apart, and there was a big jump in both numbers. The only thing that had changed was that this coincided with the two weeks pre-surgery, where I had stopped taking NSAIDS.  Hmm….non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are known to cause GI and stomach bleeding. Could the reason that the NSAIDS were making me feel better was that they were making me bleed enough to keep iron levels low?

Who knows? As I’m reminded constantly by doctors, I’m not a doctor. Though I do know how I feel. I’m definitely feeling the pain due to no NSAIDS, especially five days after the last phlebotomy.

The next one is first thing tomorrow, so I’m off to make sure I’m hydrated.

Glug Glug


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