Vaccine Injury Compensation Program case settled.

As of last week, my attorneys agreed to a settlement with our petition in the Vaccine Court against the Department of Health and Human Services. The amount we settled for is far less than we had hoped and we have been informed that it will be at least 4 months before I actually see a dime of this money.

It doesn’t surprise me – the whole experience has left me bitter and angry. From their “expert witness” who claimed I had diabetes (I don’t) and has taken millions in “research” money from big pharma, to the habitual delays of their attorneys, to my own physicians who were too intimidated to speak up – it’s a depressing tale that’s being played out over and over throughout this country.

The vaccine industry does have the upper hand over the population in this country, and they have no liability.

I will be posting updates until I get paid – because I don’t believe that they’ll keep their word, and I’ll never see a dime.

“If vaccines are safe, why is there a Vaccine Injury Compensation fund?”



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