An update to this story – I had an appointment with a neurologist at the Neuromuscular Disease Clinic at CPMC in SF yesterday. I was sent there because an eye doctor had noticed I was having problems with a facial nerve. The neurologist examined me and stated: “this was caused by the vaccines you had in 2007. It caused an autoimmune reaction, causing inflammation in the brain and your nervous system.” NOW YOU DECIDE THIS IS THE DIAGNOSIS? The last two times you saw me, you refused to consider it. We paid your partner (Jonathan Katz, MD)  good $$ to review our file and be our expert witness and he called me a hypochondriac instead and just TEN DAYS after I sign the paperwork, you decide it’s really the fault of the vaccine?


He said “You’ll need to work on putting this behind you….there’s nothing we can do. Sorry.” Angry? Oh….just a tad.


Independence Day


This has been a bittersweet week. On Monday, the settlement papers in my vaccine injury case were signed by the Special Master (judge), for the United States Department of Justice. This settles my petition against the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The settlement amount was far less than we had hoped for and won’t come close to covering the medical costs that have been incurred. Unable to find enough doctors to step up to the plate and attest that my symptoms were the result of a series of vaccines I was given in 2007 and 2008.

In this country, the companies that make vaccines (in my case Merck), and the health care providers that administer them are not liable for injuries sustained by the vaccines. I was forced to file a petition with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – a special court set up by the United States Government to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.  If you are injured by a vaccine, you have to prove to this “vaccine court” that what happened to you was a direct result of the vaccine. Thus I was forced to sue my country instead of those actually responsible for my injuries.

Having to sue the United States Department of Health and Human Services was something that I never dreamed I would have to do, but it was made worse by having to defend myself against their expert witness (Vinay Chaudhry, MD), who testified without ever meeting me, that my symptoms were due to diabetes.  I don’t have diabetes, and had to prove that to the court as well.

Although I’m happy to have this case behind me, I will never be the same physically. My attitude towards the role and the power that the US government, pharmaceutical corporations and doctors have over our health will also never be the same.  I have yet to see any money from this settlement, by the way, and have a bet with my attorney that it will be not be before next year, if ever.

By sharing this with you, I hope that anyone reading this, when you are offered a shingles, flu, H1N1, pneumonia vaccine, or your precious children or grandchildren are expected to undergo far more vaccines than we ever were exposed to, that you will keep in your mind that you know AT LEAST ONE person who was injured by a vaccine. And that the lawyers for the US government did everything they could to not only keep that person from recovering, both medically and financially, but also protected the corporation that made that ineffective and damaging vaccine.

Ask yourself why, if vaccines are “perfectly safe,” that there is even the existence of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  Educate yourself before vaccinating –