An update to this story – I had an appointment with a neurologist at the Neuromuscular Disease Clinic at CPMC in SF yesterday. I was sent there because an eye doctor had noticed I was having problems with a facial nerve. The neurologist examined me and stated: “this was caused by the vaccines you had in 2007. It caused an autoimmune reaction, causing inflammation in the brain and your nervous system.” NOW YOU DECIDE THIS IS THE DIAGNOSIS? The last two times you saw me, you refused to consider it. We paid your partner (Jonathan Katz, MD)  good $$ to review our file and be our expert witness and he called me a hypochondriac instead and just TEN DAYS after I sign the paperwork, you decide it’s really the fault of the vaccine?


He said “You’ll need to work on putting this behind you….there’s nothing we can do. Sorry.” Angry? Oh….just a tad.


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