Are your ears broken?

One of the things I love about my job is I get to go to some interesting places and meet some interesting people. Last week, I worked at a medical conference. Doesn’t matter what type of medicine, once these guys (and gals) are out of their familiar environment, they become completely helpless. Sad, really.

I’ve often felt, and you may have felt too, that doctors don’t listen. On more than one occasion, something I’ve told them has gone in one ear and out the other, or ended up in my medical records completely twisted around.

My little stint at the medical conference last week proved that doctors aren’t listening to a thing you or I say. Indeed, their ears are really broken. It seems that at the registration desk of this conference, certain people were entitled to a sweatshirt. Or as they were referred to, a “fleece.” Seems someone messed up on the fleece-ordering task, and the more popular sizes ran out quite quickly. By mid-morning, only Extra Large Fleeces were available.

So, as I was checking in these learned men (and women), I’d say something to the effect of “Sorry, we are limited on sizes. We only have Extra-Large. Would you like one?”

Invariably, every single one of them said. “Oh. Do you have a Medium?”

What the heck did I just tell you? “Sorry, only Extra-Large.”

“Then I’ll take a Large, then.”

WTF is wrong with your ears? Do you hear yourself? Apparently not.

If you can’t be bothered to listen to someone giving you one of those coveted fleeces, you must not bother to listen any of your patients. Which is something I knew long ago. This day just proved it. None of them listen. They don’t have to. They’re “doctors.” Now hand over that fleece.


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