The Argument Clinic

There is an old Monty Python skit called the Argument Clinic, where a man goes into the Argument Clinic and proceeds to disagree and contradict with the man inside the office.  My last appointment with my Primary Care Provider could have been straight from that skit.

I went to see him because of a cough that wouldn’t go away. I had seen him 10 days before, and the course of potent antibiotics hadn’t resolved anything, and I was still sick.  The office squeezed me in at the end of the day, and the doctor entered the exam room, exclaimed my name and said, “why it’s been three months since you were here!” 

Umm, no. “I was here 10 days ago.”

“No you weren’t, it’s been three months.” Wrong. I can’t believe that I’m arguing with the doctor about when I was here last, and that he refuses to listen to me. 

“Check the notes” I finally tell him. Hold on, tap, tap, tap.

“Huh. You were here on September 13.” he states, as if he was telling me something I didn’t already know. 

Time to pull up stakes and find another doctor, perhaps one who isn’t senile.