Wha? Doctors that seem to know what they’re doing? Twice in one day? Get out!

So it seems my iron levels are up again. I’ve finally rebounded from my little stint with anemia and my iron levels have gone back into the stratosphere. What I find interesting is that in the last six weeks or so, I’ve had a plethora of blood work done. First, because I went to the primary care doc and complained of rapid weight gain and feeling cold all the time. That was his cue to check thyroid, after I suggested to him it might be my thyroid. I was right, the thyroid numbers were off. Which got me handed off to an endocrinologist. He couldn’t figure it out and did do much. The primary care doc wanted me to get a physical and ordered a bunch more tests. I reminded him to order an iron panel. Good thing I did. Way high again. Time to go back to a hematologist again. Thyroid levels were even more way off. Send a message to endocrinologist, who responds back – follow up in 12 months. Really, are you kidding me? I think that’s code for “go get a second opinion and maybe somebody else can figure out what’s going on, because I sure can’t be bothered.”

I really didn’t like, no, make that despised, the hematologist that I saw last time. He was dismissive, arrogant, smug and overbled me. Worst of all, he contradicted whatever my hepatologist (who I think is a rock star) said. I had been avoiding this d-bag for months, and now that my iron levels were in the stratosphere again, I had to find somebody who would give me the “Mother May I” to dump some blood. Ah-hah, a review on Yelp from someone who has Hemochromatosis who raved about a doctor. Small world, she’s in the same office as Dr. Smug.

Side note to any doctors who might be reading this. You might hate Yelp, but until you come up with a better system to find a decent doctor, shut up.

You surely know me well enough by now that I have no problem breaking up with a doctor and dating his roommate, which is just what I did. It didn’t seem to surprise the office staff that I was cheating on the first doctor.

Best move I made in a long time. She actually had 21-st century training in hemochromatosis and I got the feeling that I wasn’t her first rodeo. She even pronounced it correctly. Matter of fact, reviewed what went wrong last time and how to tweak the treatment. Talked to me like I wasn’t crazy. There is hope!

To top it all off, as I’m parking the car in front of the Medical Center, I get a call from Rock Star Hepatologist office: “Dr. F saw your lab tests. He wants to see you right away.” Uh, oh. You mean to tell me that after all of these other docs who looked and my abnormal test results and blew me off, Doc RockStar paid attention? I haven’t seen this guy in a year, and he’s watching my lab tests? Dang! There’s a reason I think he’s a rock star, he’s that damn good. This guy is probably has a patient load three times what the other guys do, sees patients in a 300-mile range throughout the state, and yet will call you at home on a Sunday to answer an email, not to mention will testify in court on your behalf.

Of course, the downside is that finding a time slot to see him is tricky, I have to wait eight weeks, or hope for a cancellation. Hopefully my iron levels will be back to normal by the time that rolls arounnd and he’ll have nothing but positive things to say about my health. Glad at least to see that there’s some doctors out there who don’t blow off the hard cases, and have my back.